/ˈwo͝olˌɡaT͟H(ə)riNG/ (verb) to engage in fanciful daydreaming.

Book 1
Reverie Woolgathering Series: Book 1

Reverie : Book 1

London is living a relatively sheltered suburban life. Her world changes when she dreams of a troubled young man, living a life contrasting her own. Her recurring dreams make her question both her reality and sanity. 
Despite their differences in this implausible form of communication, she forms a strong bond with this boy, prompting her to make a conscious decision.
She will follow her heart no matter what the cost.
“I go to a world that is nowhere near as interesting as the one you are a part of.
I go to everyone’s reality, where people don’t know me.
I go to a place that has become almost intolerable if it weren’t for the hope that when I close my eyes,
I may see you again.
I wake up”
~ London

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Zee Lacson Sun Moon
Book 2
Revenant Woolgathering Series: Book 2

Revenant : Book 2

London Evans thought she was just an ordinary teenager navigating an ordinary life of high school drama and family responsibilities. That was until her ordinary life was interrupted by extraordinary dreams. Dreams that were real. 
Now London needs to learn how to navigate this new world of dreams and reality. If she doesn’t, she risks both worlds. What once were dreams have become nightmares. 
And she has no way of stopping them.
“She looked at me but it was as if she wasn’t seeing me. She was looking through me.
she begged in a raspy voice.
Her voice sent chills to the back of my neck and not because of the wind.
Her hand was shaking when she reached for me.
Then she grabbed my arm with a cold, pale hand.”
~ London

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Book 3
Réveil Woolgathering Series: Book 3



London Evans knows the power of dreams. She has bridged her past and her future through dreaming, a gift she inherited from her mother.
But the more she learns about her abilities, the greater the danger and the more she risks losing.
The next time she goes to sleep, she make never wake up.
I asked, my voice a little louder than I had intended.

“Why me?”
“There has been no other like you. None that I have heard of.”
His eyes burned with a kind of hope suddenly realized.
”You yourself say you are the daughter of the most powerful Rêvasseuse!”

“I didn’t say the most powerful,”
I mumbled. My anxiety was rising, reaching new levels on the back of mounting expectations. 
“If you can stop this,”
he insisted, half kneeling from his cross-legged position on the floor,
“then, London, daughter of the most powerful Rêvasseuse …” 

He was crouched, leaning forward, more alive than I had ever seen him.

“Then you save us all.”

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