3 generations, 2 families, 1 monster.

Twice Removed Philippine Sun Moon
Twice Removed by Zee Lacson

Twice Removed

by Zee Lacson

As part of an immigrant family, Jay has never felt like he belonged in his hometown of New Orleans. But in the summer before his senior year in high school, he thinks things are finally going his way when Maya, the half-Filipino girl in class he’s had a crush on, starts talking to him.

But Maya has secrets. And the more time they spend together, the further he’s pulled into a world of magic and superstition. When a generations-old family curse is revealed, Jay has to find a way to stop this winged, vampiric monster before sunset on Maya’s 18th birthday. 

If he doesn’t, his new girlfriend might kill him. 

Or worse, he’ll have to kill her.
Signed Hardcover 1st edition of Twice Removed by Zee Lacson Die struck metal amulet with leather cord Laser engraved Twice Removed wooden bookmark with a fleur de lis New Orleans charm A white sage bundle Selenite crystal wands Half a dozen mini resin ducks! Laser engraved Capiz shell Custom printed m&ms! Pinoy themed stickers Glow in the dark New Orleans themed temporary tattoos Manananggal sticker Burlap Twice Removed book bag Twice Removed bookmark
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•Signed Hardcover 1st edition of Twice Removed by Zee Lacson
•Die struck metal amulet with leather cord
•Laser engraved Twice Removed wooden bookmark with a fleur de lis New Orleans charm
•A white sage bundle
•Selenite crystal wands
•Half a dozen mini resin ducks!
•Laser engraved Capiz shell
•Custom printed m&ms!
•Pinoy themed stickers
•Glow in the dark New Orleans themed temporary tattoos
•Manananggal sticker
•Burlap Twice Removed book bag
•Twice Removed bookmark

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Twice Removed Hardcover 1st Edition + Exclusive swag kit
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27 Houses
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Twice Removed Hardcover1st edition + Exclusive swag kit
Available after 06.12.2024
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Wednesday, June 12 (Philippine Independence Day)
27 Houses
236 Center St. Grayslake, IL
Twice Removed Logo
The logo is a combination featuring Zee Lacson's trademark Sun-Moon graphic which debuted with her Woolgathering Trilogy, and the Sun of the Philippine flag.
Twice Removed manananggal explanation
What is a Manananggal? The Manananggal is a Philippine Mythical Creature that splits itself in half from the waist. The upper torso grows large bat-like wings and detaches to seek victims.
Twice Removed Bookmark Front Explanation
Twice Removed Bookmark Design (Front)
Feature packed bookmark, designed by John Lacson. Design elements include:
The artwork features a manananggal, a Philippine mythical creature, on a stylized moon with a blue and red banded sky. The design is based on the similarities between the Philippine flag and the Acadiana flag. The blue and red bands, provide a unifying color scheme and emphasize the cultural heritage aspect of the story. The title font is Quiapo Free, designed by Aaron Amar, is inspired by the hand painted text found on Philippine jeepneys. The Fleurs de lis depicts the New Orleans setting of the story while the Golden Castle symbolizes the Spanish influence on both the Philippines and New Orleans culture.
Artwork by Zee Lacson.
Twice Removed Logo designed by John Lacson.
Philippine Flag conceptualized by President Emilio Aguinaldo.
Acadiana Flag designed by Dr. Thomas J. Arceneaux.
Twice Removed Bookmark Back Explanation
Twice Removed Bookmark Design (Back)
The back design of the bookmark is on an antique metal texture, much like an Agimat (Philippine amulet). This sets the tone of the mythical setting of the story. The rays and stars emanating from the Sun-Moon are a stylized version of the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans meter cover, a quintessential icon of New Orleans, designed by Edwin Ford. The crescent moon is replaced with the Twice Removed logo and the three stars are taken from the stars on the Philippine flag. The Tagalog words for "Sun, Moon, Light, and Darkness" are written in baybayin which is a precolonial writing system of the Philippines. The glyph font used is called Bagwis Baybayin, designed by EDELPONA.
Baybayin Translator by Kuya Bai.
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